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Lets make them the experts

Who are we?

Why FutureTech?

Why us?

A group of PhDs come together to make a difference in what we do and the way we do in skill development space. The motto is to explore, learn, relearn and spread knowledge  that is required by young minds today. We are making a difference, one kid at a time!

The governments, institutions and parents have started realising that learning critical skills, especially in the tech space along with academics is become critical for the growth of the knowledge being when young. We are here at the right time and place to support such initiatives through our futuretech programs. We welcome you to enter into this amazing arena.

We are a family tied to the motto of spreading knowledge among the young minds. We do not want you as a franchisee, we want you to join us to be a family member, a partner with the same goal and aim of teaching critical futuretech skills to young minds.  

What sets us apart... Our Students

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1800+ Students

23 Countries


What do we do?

Its all about getting ready for the technology of the future. At FutureTech Academy,  we train and mentor young minds to start thinking like young scientists. Our flagship "Young Scientist FutureTech Camps" for children between 6 to 16 has been among the most sought after futuretech programs. We are proud to have coached and mentored over 1800 students from across the globe till date since COVID-19 hit the society. Many parents feel, their children made best use of their time during the pandemic. This efforts will continue and we are committed to "reach and teach" millions of young minds across the globe.


Our FutureTech School insertion and After-School FutureTech Academy is being accepted and integrated overwhelmingly by  school leaders and coaching leaders due to the value these programs bring along with the certification. These programs bring high value skill development in school/academy children making them cut above the rest and best among others. This will extend to building their skills to compete in national and international competitions, olympiads and challenges. 

The Competitive Advantage

Students need it, parents want it, institutions require it... FutureTech teaching is the future.  

Why start FutureTech Learning?

An opportunity worth your time

Believe that learning new skills in emerging technologies is the way forward

Want to earn good income and early breakeven for your efforts

Build a brand of your own in the and be a go-to place for parents & Children

If you want to own a business that makes a difference in young minds

Have good network in academics or have interest in building one

Want to enter into niche sector within the education space

How can we work together?

We work as a family... Supporting each other to succeed 

Regional Partner

As regional partner, you would be our one-point contact for outreach to the region you represent. We will closely work with you in building representation, campaign planning and PR efforts. 

School Partner

As School partner, we would help you setup the basic infrastructure required for FutureTech training, build campaigns as FutureTech School and course delivery. We follow one-school one-city policy.

Academy Partner

As Academy partner, we would help you establish required tech labs with modest investment, guide in digital campaigns, sales closures  registrations and support in course delivery for After-School programs.

The onboarding plan

The moment you decide, we start working as one!

A step-by-step startup plan

Detailed plan of action for launching the business in the region or FutureTech Academy

Consultations with senior partner and support at all stages: from campaigning to day-to-day functioning.

The process of getting started

Its the process that helps us get along to start working as one!

1. Introduction

• Schedule and have a call with our Director
• Study the presentation, details shared & prepare any questions you have

1. Introduction

Schedule and have a call with our Director


Study the presentation, details shared & prepare any questions you have

2. Discussion


Plan a market research:
– define your pricing policy
– Paying capacity

– Student/parent interests

Choose type  of partnership

Discuss opportunities and terms of partnership

Build and discuss your financial model

Agree to the terms of the contract

3. Contract Signing


Make the decision to work with us

Sign the contract and make your initial payment

4. Preparation

Infrastructure setup

Build knowledge resources

Set up fixed and variable assets

Start marketing and advertising campaigns

5. The Start

Start the program

Conduct  first introductory sessions

Form groups and start holding classes

6. Support

Business and operations mentoring

Coach the Tutor & plan session plans

Build the database

Marketing & campaigning support

Sales & registration support

Our proposal interests you? Lets connect...

Thanks for submitting! One of our senior directors will get in touch with you soon.

Photo Gallery - Student Activities

Every happy student has brought an average of 4 more students for us... Student satisfaction is of at most importance for us