FutureTech School

School Insertion / After-School Program

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Research says, the early they learn... the better they become

Every research and tests done on creativity point towards early the child learns, the more creative one becomes. Our FutureTech programs are designed to do just that.


Our Young FutureTech Scientist initiation programs are designed exactly to address; "Let the child experience all future technology areas, then choose what is best for them!

FutureTech Certification, Olympiad & Internships

Critical Skills Certification 

Industry valued and recognised skills  

International ISO, IAF & EIAC Accredited Programs  

Internships with global organisations for eligible students

Guiding and Mentoring for International Olympiads and Competitions


Annual International FutureTech Olympiad to gauge the FutureTech Skills developed

Top 5 performers in App development annual competition will receive paid projects from companies 

Top 5 performers in SpaceTech annual competition will get all inclusive trip to visit  ISRO  &  Planetarium  

Top 5 performers in Robotics & AI annual competition will be part of WiZdom Robotics team to build WiZBots

Top 5 performers in Creative Designing annual competition will be offered paid designing projects with branding firms

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